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Welcome to Linda Allsop Physiotherapy where you will be guaranteed to find clinical expertise and excellence in the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain and injury.

At your initial consultation I take extra time to listen, assess and diagnose the source of your symptoms. Through accurate diagnosis and by focusing on establishing the root cause of your problem, treatment can be targeted to relieve your symptoms in the short and long term.

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13 Sep 2019

Home visits are now available. Please get in touch for more information.

Only 2% of 'Tennis Elbow' cases are due to playing Tennis.

27 Jan 2019

Tennis ElbowThe most common cause of pain on the outside of the elbow is due to overuse of the hand and arm, either by doing heavy activities in the garden, home or at work, or by sitting badly and using the hand repetitively all day, such as when typing. The common extensor tendon becomes damaged as it attaches to the bone at the elbow and continued use of the hand traumatises it further. This results in pain and stiffness and can be debilitating if it is your dominant side.

Why not try these useful self-help tips:
  • sit up straight
  • keep your elbow bent to a right angle with your arms by your side when using a computer
  • alternate the use of the mouse from one hand to the other
  • take regular breaks from the work station
  • roll your shoulders to loosen them
  • stretch your arms above your head and out in front of you
  • use ice and massage if you do have pain at the elbow
  • consider using a tennis elbow support for aggravating activities
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